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Havas Creative

More meaningful ideas

At Havas Creative we make a meaningful difference to the brands we work with, because our approach to solving clients’ problems puts strategy at the heart of the agenda. We make a meaningful difference to businesses because we are results-oriented and our ideas influence fortunes. We make a meaningful difference to the people we work with, because we rethink relationships to build effective and strong partnerships. We’ll always work our hardest to make ourselves indispensable (in your eyes), maintaining a strong momentum on your business at all times.

To do so, we have further married the power of our creative departments with the strategic power of our villages. Finally, we believe that creativity isn’t just a description of our business, but rather a part of our agency's DNA. We believe in singular and unexpected ideas that connect all aspects of our agency's expertise from CX to Media.

If you’d like to know more, we’d love to hear from you.

Showreel 2020 (Creative)Showreel 2020 (Creative)
Showreel 20'

It’s showtime !

It is often said that a video is worth a thousand words. So, today we are happy to share with you our latest creations with you. Just fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride…


The inspiring paradox

A global campaign, which seeks to celebrate Nespresso’s roots and capture exactly what they are: intensely Swiss.


Typically Lidl

Havas Village Zürich points out the advantages of Lidl Switzerland with regards to its fair prices, its large selection and its fresh products. This is typically Lidl.


Be 100% true to yourself

A strong idea that enables to meet the French-speaking Swiss needs through a tailored campaign.


La punition

To be deprived of CANAL+ is to be deprived of all types of television content.

The Geneva Opera House

The first ink made of history

Havas Geneva decided to salvage the famous cultural venue’s old materials to create the first ink that links the institution’s past to its future. Then transformed into fashion by the Swiss artist Fichtre, it’s a unique way to change the opinions of millennials and Gen Z music lovers.

CANAL+ enters a new era with its Boutique

Discover the new Boutique

As part of major innovations in its digital ecosystem, CANAL+ Switzerland has teamed up with Havas Geneva to launch its new boutique. A daring platform combining emotional design, innovative experience, and marketing performance. Discover now


Be aware of antibiotics abuse

It’s important to use antibiotics only when needed, otherwise people develop a dangerous resistance. Our lovely characters spread this serious message in a funny way.


Waiting Wins

During the holiday season we imagine with CANAL+ an innovative way to transform your waiting time into entertainment with Waiting wins. Sorry for all those who have their flights on time.


Spread the love

Like the super bowl finals, Christmas is the moment in every year brands like to launch a spot. This was one of our contributions for Coop.

Swiss Tourism

Fly to the moon

How to prove that Switzerland offers breathtaking landscapes? Just show them to Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin and let him talk about his experiences.

Grand Théâtre de Genève


When the famous Geneva Opera decides to change everything, it’s something to be remembered with a complete rebranding to illustrate its new state of mind.

Loterie Romande

Touch your dreams

With the new Holiday game, touch your dreams with your fingertips! It is around this original idea that the agency has developed a TV spot, a series of visuals and an activation campaign on social networks. Now you can discover the unexpected transforming power of your fingers and make your wildest dreams come true!


A fresh start

For Bel Suisse we refreshed their cream cheese brand Cantadou. In a first step we developed a new strategy and a joyful colorful campaign.


Music for a good cause

With a modified traditional Swiss folk song and a videoclip, we show that xenophobia and racism aren’t typical Swiss traditions.